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Re: Updating from 5.99.01

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 07:31:57PM +0100, vincent wrote:
> Hi there,
> After some months in the tunnel, I'm trying to update my current machine 
> from 5.99.01 to whatever it is now. Problem: config has changed, and the 
> new config will not compile because some API in struct devm seems to have 
> evolved. Therefore, I can't compile a new kernel because I can't 
> configure it, and I surely can't build a new userland without the 
> refreshed kernel.
> Anybody could help me to break out of this circle?

Why not use the documented way of building NetBSD,

(In your case you'd want to build the tools from src/tools, but using is so much easier...)

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