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Re: ps2 mouse breaks my ps2 keyboard?

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 09:49:26 -0700
walt <> wrote:

> I'm running the latest -current on an amd64x2 machine running in
> 32-bit mode. I've been seeing this keyboard problem for quite some
> time now:
Maybe you have a similar problem as I had. My new PeeCee has three 
pckbc(4) in its ACPI table. Two for the real PS/2 ports and a third
for the USB-to-PS/2 keyboard emulation. The later uses the same
IO-ports as the real PS/2 keyboard port. It is even present in the
ACPI table when disabled in the BIOS setup. This causes pckbc(4) to
panic(9). Short term solution: disable pckbc(4) at acpi(4) in 
userconf(4) so that only pckbc(4) at isa(4) attaches. Long term
solution: compile custom kernel that has only pckbc0 and pckbc1 in
its config.

Is there at least a single PeeCee out there without a broken ACPI
implementation? ;-(



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