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Re: rsync

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, Paul Goyette wrote:
Maybe I just don't get it, but rsync from the NetBSD CVS repository seems not to retrieve any of the .../CVS directories. I'm using the command

        # rsync -rltv rsync:// ./cvsroot

and I'm getting the appropriate *,v files and all the "normal" subdirectories (including the Attic)

        # ls ./cvsroot/src
Attic common etc regress usr.bin BUILDING,v compat external rescue usr.sbin
        Makefile,v      contrib         games           sbin            x11,v  crypto          gnu             share
        UPDATING,v      dist            include         sys
        bin             distrib         lib             tests,v      doc             libexec         tools

but no CVS/ directory. This would seem to make it impossible to use the rsyc copy as a local repository.

The CVS directories are in the checked out copy from the repository, not the repository itself. So what you see is correct.


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