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Re: one minute guide to use headless X window



"the correct way to use X" of old
g'days.  Here is the very short summary to meet nostalgia.

1. rm Xservers; ln -s Xservers.fs Xservers
2. de-#  for '#*' line in Xaccess
3. !-out "DisplayManager.requestPort" line in xdm-config.
4. if prefer, add "DisplayManager.sourceAddress: True" line.
$DISPLAY will have decimal dotted notation hostname which
may be useful for multiple NIC environment.
5. cat <<EoF >$HOME/.xsession; chmod 755 $HOME/.xsession
xterm &

Xaccess provides the more fine control over xdm response,
however, for the most cases, de-# from the very first #* should
be ok.  (I long the day when the flock of Solbourne Computers
could respond to NCD19 chooser menu)

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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