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Re: status for Marvell Orion support

> hmm...
> I don't use gzimg. [...]

Hmm...  That probably means that there's no kernel with an
embedded file system with the install tools?  How, then, do I
install the required bits?  Pre-install a disk image on another
host before installing the disk in the KUROBOX-PRO?  That's
cheating! :)  It would be best if installation could be done in a
more self-sufficient manner...

> [...] I put sys/arch/evbarm/compile/ from
> Also see sys/arch/evbarm/conf/mk.orion_nas.
>                       echo ${MKIMG} -e 0x00800000 $@ $@.img ; \
>                       env OBJDUMP=${OBJDUMP} OBJCOPY=${OBJCOPY} S=${S} \
>                           ${MKIMG} -e 0x00800000 $@ $@.img; \
>                           echo ${OBJCOPY} -S -O binary $@ $@.bin; \
>                           ${OBJCOPY} -S -O binary $@ $@.bin;

Thanks, fetched it and put it in my tree.  I see that the build
didn't find that script when building before, but the build
itself didn't stop...

This itself produces netbsd, netbsd.bin (from netbsd), and
netbsd.img (again, from netbsd).  "file" on those reveals that
the netbsd.img appears as a u-boot/PPCBoot image, while it thinks
netbsd.bin is a lif file (which is probably a wrong guess).  I
must admit that I'm not familiar with u-boot, and I've not yet
actually tried my KUROBOX-PRO (which I've now finally hooked up a
serial port/converter to, to the UART0 connector on the I/O
board).  Do you have any hints for installing on it?

> By the way, I already ordered SheevaPlug Development Kit.  ;-)

Yah, I saw that one a few days ago.  The specs appear impressive
(at least compared to my aging sharks), but I could not see how
it would be useful to me as a NetBSD host.  First off, the power
plug is of course Just Wrong :)  Secondly, I didn't see how one
could hook up a console to the thing, something which would be
required to hack on it or to install NetBSD.  Sure, there's a
"debug board" in the block diagram, but I couldn't find where it
plugs in.  Would one have to run the box "cabriolet style" to
have console access, i.e. with half of the cover removed?

> And will obtain Marvell Discovery Invation machine after a few weeks.

Looks interesting.

> Also need reconstruct?  The peripheral drivers move to sys/dev/marvell
> from sys/arch/arm/marvell/.

OK, if some of those drivers are MI, sure, that would be the
right thing to do.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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