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Re: SEMVMX problem with postgresql

Patrick Welche wrote:
I saw an unresolved posting about this on port-xen:

 FATAL:  semctl(65538, 16, SETVAL, 536) failed: Result too large or too small
HINT:  You possibly need to raise your kernel's SEMVMX value to be at least 
536.  Look into the PostgreSQL documentation for details.

It wasn't unresolved, I just needed to recompile. The error message was misleading.

No amount of tweaking would fix it. A change occurred recently (last month or so), probably to libc, that has required a lot of packages to be recompiled. On some systems I've been better off doing pkg_delete '*-*' and starting from scratch.

The other problem after recompiling was that the database could not be accessed (another change apparently, something to do with the timestamp/mod time) which required the database to be reconstructed.

I wouldn't hunt too hard as after updating kernel/userland, recompiling everything and restoring the db, my system hasn't been so stable :)


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