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Re: "loopback mount" via vnd feature request

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 8:03 AM, Toru Nishimura
<> wrote:
> NetBSD can do mount regular files just like L*, however,
> the way to practice it is awkward.
as is using a "loop" device to do that.

> The issue here is that our vnconfig (vnode-config) is
> unable to show off which file is bound with vnd device alive.
I made a patch I kept in my private tree long ago to fix this. The
trouble is that, AFAIR, namei() is not bijective, so you can't
translate reliably an inode number into a filename. You can save the
filename the filename at configure time, but that might be easily
defeated (even if it will fit in most of the use case).

Btw, linux is not more advanced on this:
$ sudo mount -o loop foo.iso
$ mount
/dev/loop0 on /mnt type iso9660 (rw)

 - Arnaud

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