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pxeboot stuck for ThinkPad PXE


Someone out there did have pxeboot stuck symptom with
ThinkPad PXE boot sequence?  In my case, after PXE
successfully hands control to NetBSD pxeboot, it fails to
proceed.  No frame is seen outside although it's considered
trying to do so.  It used to work correctly with old (NB4 or
some) pxeboot, but since some change was made, it remains
busted.  My old A21m fails, but X31 does work, with the same
pxeboot.  I can not provide here more detail since the machine
has (infamous) dying power managment circuit symptom and
I am unable to poweron to reproduce this time, and wonder
the stuck error is a particular occasion just for mine.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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