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Re: OpenJDK binaries

On Sun, 1 Mar 2009, Christos Zoulas wrote:

On Mar 1,  4:01pm, ("Steven M. Bellovin") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: OpenJDK binaries

| So -- what is the best way to run a Java app now?  What packages work
| the best?  (I don't *think* I need the latest and great; I just need
| something that has Java Swing, on both i386 and amd64.)

On amd64 there is no choice. Only native binaries really work. We are
doing something wrong with fs/gs emulation, so the 64 bit binary dies
very early. The 32 bit linux binary core-dumps randomly too, and it
is not good enough to build java itself. On i386, the link 1.6 jdk works
pretty well, as well as the native one. I personally think that the
native binaries work better.

        I ran a few reasonably sized tomcat boxes under NetBSD 3.x and
        4.x, and found wip/jdk15 to be the most reliable option. Under
        NetBSD 5.x jdk15 fails to build as its default memory settings
        now cause it to choke with "Could not reserve enough space for
        object heap" when it tries to call
        In my case the sun-6 linux binaries die very quickly when used
        for tomcat, but Christos' openjdk binaries seem quite reliable.

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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