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Re: HEAD amd64 kernel no boot

On Mon, 4 Aug 2008, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:

> I'll start building a sequence of kernels, starting with a may 1
> kernel, and see what I get..

I received a April 12 4.99.59 kernel off-list. It also failed to boot. It 
hung for over ten minutes.

I could boot with "disable acpi" but then my keyboard didn't work.

I also tried to boot with "disable ugen" since I saw that was next in my 
other dmesg output. It hung at "cd0 at atapibus0".

I was able to press CTRL-ALT-ESCAPE and got debugger. But my caps lock was 
stuck on -- I couldn't toggle it off. So I couldn't run any commands like 
"BT". (Should debugger accept uppercase commands? I think so. Let me know 
and I can maybe provide patch and start a new thread for that.)

I am going to try booting again with -v for verbose.

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