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[Call for testers] Nvi update


some of you may have noticed that NetBSD now installs by default two
different versions of the nvi editor. This is a temporary solution to
encourage as many people as possible to test the new version.

This new version of nvi mainly brings wide character support. If you
use /usr/bin/vi, you will run the old (1.79) nvi, and if you use
/usr/bin/nvi, you will run the new (1.81.6) nvi.

The 1.79 version will be replaced by 1.81.x before releasing
NetBSD 5.0 and /usr/bin/nvi will disappear.

In order to test the new version, you can for example run in a
UTF-8-enabled terminal:

$ export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
$ nvi

and enjoy editing UTF-8 files.

See the fileencoding and inputencoding variables within nvi for
finer-grained control than LC_ALL.

We are expecting new as well as old bugs to (re-)appear. Please file
problem reports using send-pr when you find one.


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