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dhcpcd testing

Hi all,
I've just committed the update of dhcpcd to 4.0.0rc3.

This version now includes link state control support, so
if you unplug your cable and plug it back into a difference network [or
your WLAN changed], it will automatically verify that the lease is still
usable and obtain a new one otherwise.

This functionality of course requires support in the network driver and
e.g. bge(4) had some issues with this until recently. There is a known
issue that wpa-enabled wireless sends the UP message too early, so if
the authentication can take very long, DHCP may fail.

Please give it a try and report any problems with both the client itself
and network cards.

You can enable dhcpcd either by starting it explictly via "dhcpcd $nic"
or by setting ifconfig_$nic=dhcp in /etc/rc.conf. One handy option to
set is dhcpcd_flags="-b -q", so that it will not wait at all.


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