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NetBSD CVS Digest vol2 issue 3

This issue:

sparc64: SMP support now works on some models. GENERIC.MP kernel built by default.[Takeshi Nakayama]
cobalt: Add bootloader support for optional Z85C30 serial on Qube 2700. [Izumi Tsutsui]
re(4): Make hardware vlan(4) tag insertion/extraction work properly.[Izumi Tsutsui]
cobalt: Fix a botched spl(9) bug which could cause network freeze on traffic between two network interfaces. [Izumi Tsutsui]
Finish moving alpha over to the MI atomic ops. [Andrew Doran]
Sysinst for ofppc now includes a full XServer. [Frank Wille]
<pSupport for XScale-based (PXA-2x0) iPaqs -- original refactoring / code from Robert Swindells, with addition of serial console and other assorted cleanups. Tested only on a iPaq 3970 so far. [Rafal Boni]
xen: Add swedge support to xbd backed, and make the virtual block device handle sizes larger than 4TB. Tested by Jukka Marin. [Manuel Bouyer] Import bzip2(1): Upgrade to 1.0.5. [Christos Zoulas]


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