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netbsd-tips for fortune(6) -- and happy 15th birthday!

I have started collecting tips for a fortune(6) datfile. (And I have many 
more to add.)

Please share your brief hints, suggestions, one-liners, or other brief 
valuable advice that may be useful to NetBSD users. Like what NetBSD tools 
or command-lines did you wish you knew about when you started with NetBSD? 
Or what helps you save time? What's a very short example of your favorite 
use of NetBSD?

You may email me directly. Or you may submit via a wikipage at  (feel free to improve the wikipage 
structure, design, use as needed)

I will try to get the netbsd-tips datfile in place soon for fortune(6).

My goal is 500 tips. Let's see what happens!

If you want to celebrate NetBSD -- let us know -- share a tip!

  Jeremy C. Reed

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