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Re: RAIDframe trouble lately?

Hi Tom,

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo wrote:
I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble that might be related to
RAIDframe?  Since I updated from i386-current 2007-11-21 to 2008-01-19
(and a number of different, later attempts), I'm seeing hard hangs upon
attempts at heavy disk access.  It only seems to happen with RAIDframe
sets, not the direct mounts.  I've turned off softdeps, thinking that
might be relevant, but it turns out to make no difference.

Oh, and the box hangs hard enough that there's no character echo on
console, pressing numlock or capslock doesn't light up the leds, and I
can't break into the kernel debugger.  There was this one time when I'm
reasonably sure the machine got more and more sluggish over a period of
3-5 seconds, echoing characters ever more slowly, until it hung -- but
that may have been a coincidence, of course.

I have been tracking current and updating continually over the period
you specify. I use a raidframe mirror and have yet to see any raidframe
specific issues on either of the two boxes I test with.

I have trouble with what issues I do attempt to deal with so
unfortunately I have no advice but I thought I'd just let you know that
it may not be raidframe directly causing your problem.

You don't mention if the heavy disk activity is after you are
successfully logged into the system and whether you are able to check
dmesg or any logs. It also might be worth mentioning what types of
filesystems you are using. Also any distributed scheme like nfs, nis ...
might be useful to know about.

You may already know what you are doing so don't take this the wrong way
but I'd suggest finding a way of triggering the problem and attach to
any relevent log to see if you can catch something before the system
becomes unusable ... assuming any possible info is already being

Ok, I had some advice but I doubt it will be all that useful.


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