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Acer Aspire 5310 suspend success

I'd like to report that NetBSD/amd64 4.99.55 succesfully
suspends and resumes on Acer Aspire 5310.

No special tricks (console switching etc.) were required even
for X to resume. (with acpi_vbios_reset=1)

My only gripe is that even though kernel does probe a
sleep button like so:

acpibut0 at acpi0 (SLPB, PNP0C0E): ACPI Sleep Button

it does not work, while power button does work. The sleep button
is activated by pressing Fn+F4, but nothing happens when I press it.

But I added the sleep actions to lid_switch script, and it works nicely.

Kudos to all who've made this work!

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