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strndup returning an address out of bounds

Trying to get svn version of netsurf running on
4.99.55 on amd64.

So I have:

Breakpoint 3, fetchcache_parse_type (
    s=0x7f7ff4c07c00 "text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1", 
    at content/fetchcache.c:576
576             type = strndup(s + pmatch[1].rm_so, pmatch[1].rm_eo - 

(gdb) print out pmatch[1]
No symbol "out" in current context.

(gdb) print  pmatch[1]
$6 = {rm_so = 0, rm_eo = 9}

Attempting to step into strndup:

(gdb) step
577             if (!type) {

Didn't step in, so suggests it's in the C library  -- it is.

(gdb) print type
$7 = 0xfffffffff4d51150 <Address 0xfffffffff4d51150 out of bounds>

What would cause that Address 0xfffffffff4d51150 out of bounds?

Any clues on how that could be returned by strndup?

  Jeremy C. Reed

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