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upwc (4): a port from FreeBSD pwc

Hi there,

I don't know if posting this is acceptable here — but I have no clue how to do otherwise. In the appended file is the NetBSD port of the FreeBSD pcw driver, itself ported from Linux. Briefly, it is a driver supporting some webcams (including mine!). I renamed it upwc to be more inline with the u- naming convention for USB drivers.

This is a LKM DRV type driver, so it should be loaded after boot using the well known modload(1) command. Also, please read carefully the README file, as it contains instructions on how to compile and use the driver. The man file contains some hints on how to watch the webcam output with mplayer.

There is also an application call pwcview that controls various features of the webcam.

I don't claim the code to be optimal or complete, but it seems to work nicely. I have tested it on current, any backtest on 4.0 would be appreciated.

Please let me know if anything goes wrong.

Thanks a lot to Rafał Boni and Matthias Drochner for their insighful help.


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