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NetBSD CVS Digest vol 2 issue 2

This issue:

Add the ability to specify load-time properties for modules. This adds three new flags to the new modload utility: -b, -i and -s, which are used to pass boolean, integer and string parameters respectively. [Julio M. Merino Vidal] tmpfs works on sgimips and has been enabled in the kernel configs. [Tobias Nygren].

Extract shutdown handlers from the detach methods of elanpar(4) and elanpex(4). Register them using pmf_device_register1(). This ensures that neither comBIOS nor NetBSD will hang during boot, after a reboot of a Soekris net45xx. [David Young]

[powerpc/oea] Removed the check for device_type==display in rascons_cnattach(). It is not required, because this function will be called for display-consoles only, and it allows SmartFirmware to attach a rascons console. [Frank Wille]

Various people have been working on splitting device_t/softc in many drivers.

Insert a .WAIT between include and include/foo subdirs, so that include/ is created before include/foo. Should fix -j builds on ofppc. [matthew green]

bozohttpd-20080303 [matthew green]


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