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etcupdate questions

Used etcupdate today to update from 4.0_RC4 to 4.99.55.

1) If DOES_EXIST=false (missing) shouldn't it just install the new file 
(since there is nothing to overwrite)?

If not, maybe add a switch for that like:

  -n    Automatically install new files that do not exist locally.

2) Any reason to check the /etc/mtree/set.* specifications manually? Are 
these files ever customized? It just seems like a lot to manually review 
so I wonder if these should just be replaced?

3) What about automatically replacing files where only the CVS ident 
changes? I had many, but for one example, the only change is:

-#      $NetBSD:,v 2007/06/16 16:56:55 snj Exp $
+#      $NetBSD:,v 1.15 2007/05/19 17:49:39 heas Exp $

4) Some output is too short to be paged but scrolls past when etcupdate 
menu is displayed. Any option for "more" to not exit (like less) if output 
is more than 10 lines?  (Yes, I know I could choose "less" or use my 
console to scroll back in console history.)

5) Maybe "s" menu choice should say: (same as "su") or repeat that it is 
diff -u also.  Or just get rid of the "su" option as it is redundant (and 
mention diff -u above).

6) Maybe add a verbose to the install_checksum() function? Maybe:

verbose "Saving MD5 checksum for ${1} to /var/etcupdate/${1}"

If you want me to handle any of the above, tell me.

I have used your etcupdate many times. (I stopped updating my update_etc 
script back in 2002.) Thank you! 

  Jeremy C. Reed

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