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Re: Asus EeePC Wifi Support

On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 09:43:25AM +0000, Stephen Borrill wrote:
> I think we could do with restructuring ath and contrib/dev/ath so that an 
> alternative HAL and (if necessary) a struct translatation layer can be 
> specified. This means that we could specify a different HAL (the HAL in your 
> patch requires has the relevant struct re-arranged) in a kernel config file 
> (in a similar way to specifying a different vesafs splashscreen), e.g.
> OPTIONS               ATH_HAL_PATH="contrib/dev/ath_eee"

Whilst I can understand your concern, I'm not sure we should be
encouraging multiple HALs to be in the tree at once. Keeping
the ath code up to date is pain enough without introducing extra
maintenance costs of having more than one (non-backwards
compatible) versions of it.

Though, that's just my opinion, so people can feel free to disagree.

I'll just say that the latest madwifi release (0.9.4) from 13/2/08
mentions the lack of AR5007 support under "Known Issues" and has
a link to the experimental patch for i386. So, I'm assuming that
support for this chipset must be in reasonable demand and that
it'll appear in a release at some point.


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