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Re: Call for testing: ACPI S3 with VGA_POST


I tested your kernel on a Thinkpad T43

I had to disable
at boot in order to make it go into S3.

Suspending was done by 'sysctl -w machdep.sleep_state=3' as root

With machdep.acpi_vbios_reset=1
 Sleep initiated from an xterm
        The system wakes up with a cursor blinking at the top left but
nothing happens further.

 Sleep initiated from ttyE0
        The system drops to the debugger and the following output:

ioapic0 reenabling
ugen0: at uhub2 port2 (addr2) disconnects
ugen0 detached
uvm_fault(0xc0a902a0, 0xcbb10000, 1) -> 0xe
kernel: supervisor trap page fault, code=0
stopped in pid 473.1(sysctl) at      netbsd:rbd+0x16 movzbl

With machdep.acpi_vbios_reset=0
The system crashes with a blank screen with both methods of
invoking sleep.

When the screen didn't return properly i tried to run 'vbetool post' and
'shutdown -r now' blindly but then had to poweroff as it didn't work.

With a current-kernel (20071260005Z-GENERIC.LAPTOP) and no boottime
configuration the system wakes up with uhid complaining not beeing able
to resume but the system works as usual.


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