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Building modules in MODULAR world (vs. as LKMs)

        I'm working on a USB driver which so far I've been building as an
        LKM; it looks from the sample module in sys/modules/example that
        the only difference between the MODULAR module and an LKM is the
        magic macros that get used (and presumably tools used to load/
        unload/frob the module(s)).

        However, it also looks like all the LKM magic for hooking various
        types of modules into the right kernel data structures (in my case
        I want a LKM_DRV, so it hooks into the config data) is no longer
        there.  Is this merely a "haven't gotten around to implementing
        it" issue, or is the plan to force all that into the module itself?

        Also, is there a README on the new module tools etc.?  Was that
        info in Andrew's original email on the new module system?


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