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Intel Penryn Core 2 T8100 proc. and PM 965 Express chipset current support ?

Hi there,

I am planning to update my old laptop and buy a brand new Sony Vaio FZ 31 S. That beast features the new Core duo 45 nm Penryn-based processor (with SSE4, etc.) and a PM 965 Express chipset (and more, but that's not relevant here).

Since I am planning to wipe off Windows, try to get refunded and install NetBSD-current instead, I am wondering if this is feasible, that is, if there is no incompatibility recorded (i.e. does the system boot, even in a somewhat backup mode?). Besides, tell what features are or are not yet implemented, so that if I can be of any help testing out or writing out fresh things on this newest plateform, it would be with great pleasure.


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