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Re: panic in amap_wipeout (amd64)?

I'm curious if anyone else is seeing regular crashes on resume on
-current -- I haven't seen any other mention.  My problems are given in
more detail in kern/37933 -- but if others aren't seeing it, there's
something unusual about my setup.

I run amd64 -- not common on laptops, but I'm hardly the only one.

I have 3GB -- that's a lot of RAM for a laptop.  Might there be a sign
extension problem?  Is there a better way 

I can reproduce the problem even if I disable [eou]hci and cbb via
'boot -c', so it's probably not something in those drivers.  

My disk is in PATA mode, so it's not the ahci driver.

Anything else I should try to eliminate?  It is worth trying to limit
physical memory as perceived by NetBSD?  If so, so I set REALEXTMEM,
PHYSMEM_MAX_SIZE, or PHYSMEM_MAX_ADDR?  (The latter two don't seem to
be mentioned in options(4).)

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