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Re: xf86-video-intel v.2.2 and DRM

On 04/02/2008, Arnaud Degroote <> wrote:
> Here, I can use drm with the 2.2 xf86-video-intel and a 'not so old'
> current kernel (29 Jan). Since 30 or 31, I can't use drm nor with 2.1
> nor with 2.2 (hard lock of the box, no serial to debug).

I just compiled a kernel ( after a cvs update ). DRM works just fine
with 2.1.0 driver.
> Note I use the patch cited in the thread too. I will try with an UP
> kernel.
> You can find the difference of ident between working and non-working
> kernel, but I don't see what change may have broke dri.

Neither do I. Which MesaLib, libdrm and modular-xorg-server are you using?

I had a brief period around I guess 4.99.30 ar about when DRM didn't
work with the above setup, but I thing since 4.99.49 it has been OK

> Regards,
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> Arnaud Degroote

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