Subject: Re: Completely useless report on disk lockups
To: Matthew Jacob <>
From: Joseph A. Dacuma <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/2007 14:05:57
>> This is most probably a hardware issue on your SCSI chain at the
>> electrical
>> level. Heavy disk usage stress the bus and cause this error. Check
>> terminators and connectors.
> Seconded. Parity Error reportage like this is the disk seeing a parity
> error on a write.
Hi Sirs,

The cable I use has an attached SE/LVD terminator on its end. While the
SCSI BIOS termination was set at "automatic". Now changed to "Enabled" and
see what happens.

If it still produces an error, I'll change the entire cable completely.

Thanks for the responses.