Subject: Re: Disabling a USB-device?
To: Johan Ihren <>
From: Sarton O'Brien <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/2007 19:35:48
On Thursday 11 January 2007 22:33, Johan Ihren wrote:
> However, I still had the box trying to boot from the sd0 provided by
> that USD contraption and the solution (or rather "avoidance action")
> to that problem was to add an "bootdev=wd0" to my grub config as
> suggested by Sarton O'Brien (thanks!).

Hey! It's a legitmate boot parameter! :P

I play with xen more often than not and have been sticking with GENERIC 
kernels as I update them every other day. Apparently you can define the boot 
device in the kernel, otherwise it will make a best guess ... I think. 
Admittedly since shifting from OpenBSD and FreeBSD ... and with the crazy 
amount of changes I have to make to the linux kernel for my ibm thinkpad ... 
I've plain avoided it :)

So really, you're not avoiding anything, you are just preventing the kernel 
from guessing your boot dev.

I could be wrong bout the kernel config, but that is what was suggested to me 
when I first had this issue, as opposed to this 2 sec fix.