Subject: Re: Disabling a USB-device?
To: Steven M.Bellovin <>
From: Johan Ihren <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/2007 11:24:16
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>>>> I realize that I can probably open up this box and remove the IPMI
>>>> hardware, but I'd frankly rather leave it in place if possible
>>>> because I *can* use this IPMI hardware from Linux...
>>> FYI, Manuel ported OpenBSD's ipmi(4) driver to NetBSD recently.  >
>>> It's in current, 4.0_BETA2, and will be pulled up to 3.1_STABLE as
>>> well.
>> The dmesg output was from 4.0_beta2 as of 20061208 (the latest
>> available in NetBSD-daily). I vaguely remember seeing the import of
>> the ipmi driver, but now I cannot find it. But surely it must have
>> been imported earlier than my kernel?
>> Johan
>> PS. I'm lying slightly. The dmesg output was from a -current as of
>> November 24, but I've verified that the 4.0beta2 gives that same
>> output, i.e. no match for an IPMI driver.
> Did you enable it?  The ipmi driver is commented out in GENERIC.

Guilty as charged. Stupidly just assumed that it would be enabled in  
the GENERIC kernel. I don't have a 4.0_beta tree so I'll set that up  
and see if matters improve.

Many thanks for asking the obvious question ;-)


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