Subject: Re: too big for a floppy
To: Jukka Marin <>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/21/2006 12:33:23
> On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 12:21:39PM +0200, Jukka Marin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I keep getting this when doing a build of i386-current:
>> Image is 2996 bytes (2 KB) too big to fit on 1 disk
>> Is there a way to disable boot floppy images to get rid of this?  Or
>> some other way.. :)
> I believe current currently fits in all the boot floppies it tries
> to build.

No, unfortunately it does not :( At least from yesterday's CVS tree:

--- cut ---
all ===> etc/i386/floppies/bootfloppy-big
#    create  bootfloppy-big/boot (from: /usr/build/dest/usr/mdec/boot)
#    create  bootfloppy-big/USTAR.volsize.13200
#    create  bootfloppy-big/netbsd (from: 
gunzip -c /usr/build/obj/distrib/i386/instkernel/netbsd-INSTALL.gz > 
/usr/build/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-strip -R .comment -R .ident netbsd.tmp
gzip -9c netbsd.tmp > netbsd; rm -f netbsd.tmp
#    create  bootfloppy-big/boot-big1.fs (from: boot USTAR.volsize.13200 
PAX=/usr/build/tools/bin/nbpax /bin/sh 
/usr/src/distrib/common/  -i "/usr/build/tool
s/bin/nbinstallboot  -mi386 @IMAGE@ 
/usr/build/dest/usr/mdec/bootxx_ustarfs" -p  -m 1 -s .fs  boot-b
ig 5760 boot USTAR.volsize.13200 netbsd
Running instboot: /usr/build/tools/bin/nbinstallboot -mi386 
floppy.7829.tar /usr/build/dest/usr/mdec
Free space in last tar block: boot 236, netbsd 344, Image is 2904 bytes (2 KB) too big to fit on 1 disk

*** Failed target:  boot-big1.fs
*** Failed command: PAX=/usr/build/tools/bin/nbpax /bin/sh 
-i "/usr/build/tools/bin/nbinstallboot -mi386 @IMAGE@ 
/usr/build/dest/usr/mdec/bootxx_ustarfs" -p -m
  1 -s .fs boot-big 5760 boot USTAR.volsize.13200 netbsd
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/distrib/i386/floppies/bootfloppy-big
--- cut ---

> Maybe you have somethign in etc/mk.conf that is changing the compile
> options.  Or maybe some extra stuff crept into teh install kernel.

No, at least mine mk.conf AFAIU doesn't look too strange:

--- cut ---
--- cut ---

// wbr