Subject: Re: NetBSD on Asus F2F Laptop partial success
To: Chavdar Ivanov <>
From: Christian Hattemer <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/12/2006 18:12:31
Chavdar Ivanov wrote:

> I had started an earlier thread about my HP nx6310, which is fairly
> close to the F2F (broadcom instead of realtek for wired network, no
> fingerprint reader, cardbus instead of expresscard).

I looked at it, but it doesn't really apply to the problems I have.

>> USB works a bit flaky. It sometimes works on boot and sometimes it 
>> doesn't.
>> Rebooting usually makes it work. This seems to be random, maybe a race
>> condition somewhere.
> I have had similar problems a few times with mine, always after a warm
> reboot after Windows/XP. It's even weirder with the Broadcom ethernet
> - when I shut Windows down, even completely, as long as the power
> supply is connected, it never turns off the green light of the network
> card, even if I disconnect the cable.

I'm now inclined to say that it only happens on a cold boot. But sometimes 
it works even then. Windows is probably not involved, since it also happens 
when NetBSD (with working USB) was running previously.

Warm reboots from Windows don't seem to make a difference. Ethernet always 

>> The ExpressCard slot is untested because I don't have such cards.
> My understanding is that these are either connected to a USB2 hub, or
> directly to the PCI-Express bus. That's probably normal if it is the
> latter; it should show up if it's former.

It would probably only show up if a card using the USB method is inserted. 
It surely uses one of the normal USB ports that did already show up.

BTW there are more ports reported than there are external connectors and 
internal devices.

>> There's also a reader for memory cards. It's said to be PCI connected, 
>> but I didn't see it show up anywhere, even under Windows.
> ?

It reads those SecureDigital, MemoryStick and some others found in digital 
cameras and other devices. It does not read CompactFlash, which is the only 
one that would be useful for me at the moment.

>> Suspend/Hibernate isn't tested yet.
> I tried it once, it wen down, but couldn't come back, so I have so far
> abandoned the attempts.

How did you make it useable again when it didn't come back?

> My other gripe is that I can't get -current to work with the disk
> controller in native SATA mode. Both FreeBSD 6.2Beta2 and
> OpenBSD-current from 30/10/2006 deal with it properly, whereas for
> NetBSD I had to switch to compatible mode. The SATA controller is not
> recognized when in AHCI mode. This leads to some 5-8% decrease in disk
> i/o benchmarks under Windows, and presumably under NetBSD... It can't
> be that hard to get the driver from OpenBSD, but who am I to know...

In the other thread you said that the compatible mode would be faster. Is 
that still true?

It also uses the compatible mode here, but I haven't seen an option to 
change that.

Bye, Chris