Subject: Postfix 2.3.4 imported
To: None <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/07/2006 03:13:59

	Bugfix (introduced with initial implementation): missing
	"dict_errno = 0" caused mis-leading error messages after
	non-error lookup failure.  Victor Duchovni.  File:

	Robustness: the default TLS cipher lists were changed from
	!foo:ALL into ALL:!foo. Victor Duchovni.  Files:
	global/mail_params.h and documentation.


	Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.3): the LMTP client stripped
	"inet": from the next-hop destination, but still used the
	complete next-hop from the delivery request. File:


	Cleanup: record loop detection.  File: global/record.c.


	Workaround: AIX 5.[1-3] getaddrinfo() creates socket address
	structures with a non-zero port value. This breaks the
	smtp_bind_address etc. features, and breaks inet_interfaces
	settings with only one IP address.  Problem reported by
	Hamish Marson.  Files: util/sock_addr.[hc], util/myaddrinfo.c.

	Bugfix (introduced with the Postfix TLS patch): memory leak
	in verify_extract_peer(). The OpenSSL documentation provides
	no information on how subjectAltNames are managed.  Sam
	Rushing, ironport.  File: tls/tls_client.c.

	Bugfix (introduced with Postfix 2.2): smtp_generic_maps
	turned on MIME conversion. File: smtp/smtp_proto.c.

	Workaround: don't send SIZE information in the MAIL FROM
	command when message content will be subject to 8bit ->
	quoted-printable conversion.  File: smtp/smtp_proto.c.


	Compatibility: Sendmail now invokes the Milter connect
	action with the verified hostname instead of the name
	obtained with PTR lookup. File: smtpd/smtpd.c.


	Cleanup: force space between mailq queueid+status and file
	size items. File: showq/showq.c.


	Cleanup: convert the Milter {mail_addr} and {rcpt_addr}
	macro values to external form. File: smtpd/smtpd_milter.c.

	Cleanup: the Milter {mail_addr} and {rcpt_addr} macros are
	now available with non-SMTP mail. File: cleanup/cleanup_milter.c.

	Cleanup: convert addresses in Milter recipient add/delete
	requests to internal form.  File: cleanup/cleanup_milter.c.

	Cleanup: with non-SMTP mail, convert addresses in simulated
	MAIL FROM and RCPT TO events to external form.  File:


	Cleanup: removed spurious warning when the cleanup server
	attempts to bounce mail with soft_bounce=yes. Problem
	reported by Ralf Hildebrandt. File: cleanup/cleanup_bounce.c.

	Bugfix: null pointer bug when receiving a non-protocol
	response on a cached SMTP/LMTP connection.  Report by Brian
	Kantor.  Fix by Victor Duchovni.  File: smtp/smtp_reuse.c.

Rui Paulo