Subject: Re: Massive lossage with -current as of tonight?
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/2006 23:25:57
Scott Ellis wrote:
> I'm seeing significant problems with -current as of this evening.

Well, after cvs updating and doing a complete rebuild (so using -current 
as of ~10pm PST Nov 3rd), I get the same behavior as before: Various 
programs appear to hang when booting multi-user.

Going back to "fixes" things (mostly), but sshd still 
fails, and now I see the new, even more exciting behavior that prevents 
logging in:

NetBSD/amd64 (intrepid) (console)

login: root
login: pam_start failed

NetBSD/amd64 (intrepid) (console)


All, I can say is "yay", thank goodness for backups. :-)  I'm still 
clueless here.  Hisashi T Fujinaka reported that his systems works, but 
the kernel changed size significantly.  Eric Haszlakiewicz reports that 
a kernel from October 27th works fine for him.

So maybe this is amd64-specific?  I'd say it's some corrupted CVS 
update, but chances of that happening, AND a ./ working fine 
seems pretty slim.

Once I get this login thing rectified, I'll provide more info on the 
sshd failure.  Thanks to everyone who reminded me about the 'di' flags 
for ktrace.