Subject: Massive lossage with -current as of tonight?
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/02/2006 19:46:19
I'm seeing significant problems with -current as of this evening.

Doing a full build and update over a previously working system causes 
the system to hang when trying to boot multi-user.  I put details in 
bin/34979, but reverting libc to version 12.147 "solves" that problem.

Even with that binary reverted, things don't work right.  Most 
noticably, sshd fails to start.  A ktrace shows it does the chroot 
properly, but it doesn't actually stay running (the ktrace ends 
immediately after the chroot, since that causes a fork).  Nothing gets 
logged to /var/log/messages or authlog.

Userland was updated from an October 25th to a November 2nd -current, so 
the change must have occurred during that timeframe.  Note that I've had 
syslogd problems (it consumes 100% cpu on occasion) with the October 
25th -current (which is why I wanted to update!), but sshd was working 
fine then.

Am I the only one seeing problems here?