Subject: Re: audio problems with -current/GCC4?
To: None <>
From: John D. Baker <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/09/2006 12:03:33
On Sun, 9 Jul 2006, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 08, 2006 at 11:25:56PM -0500, John D. Baker wrote:
> > Has anyone else had problems with audio on i386 when switching from
> > GCC3.3.3 to GCC4.1.2 to build packages?
> Same problem here with audio/bmp, although mpg321 works just fine.  I didn't
> know building without -march could fix the problem, as xtraeme@ mentioned :)

In my case, I only used -march in my kernel config:

    makeoptions    CPUFLAGS+="-march=athlon -mmmx -msse"

(IIRC, I don't have access to the machine right now).  It (or rather
'they'--I have a removable disk carrier that I can move between a number
of machines) are all older Athlon-based machines of various speeds.
The 550MHz and 1300MHz machines all have VIA ASICs/audio.  The 1410MHz
machine has Acer ASICs and cmpci audio.

I didn't use -march anywhere else--definitely not in my /etc/mk.conf.

Does the pkgsrc machinery attempt to deduce what it thinks is an optimum
setting of "-march", or is it capable of pulling it out of the kernel

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