Subject: Re: savecore: _time not in namelist
To: Freidank, Kenneth <>
From: Frank Kardel <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/2006 08:36:42
As long as xen is not converted to timecounters there currently remains 
a user land
incompatibility wrt/ the kernel _time symbol. I'll teach savecore/vmstat 
to cope with that
at some time during the weekend.


Freidank, Kenneth wrote:

>Using a 3.0 platform, i386, I just compiled the current tar files with
>directory dates of 2006-06-24, both xsrc and src.
>$ ./ -T ../tools -O ../obj -U tools
>$ ./ -T ../tools -O ../obj -U -u distribution
>$ ./ -T ../tools -O ../obj -X ../xsrc -x -U -u distribution
>$ ./ -T ../tools -O ../obj -X ../xsrc -x -U -u distribution
>I have only installed the kernel, NOT the distribution, and I get the
>following message during boot.  The message is not repeatable with
>  Checking for core dump...
>  savecore: /netbsd: _time not in namelist
>  Jul 6 10:16:03 mybsdkf savecore: /netbsd: _time not in namelist
>I compiled on two different 3.0 platforms, one under VMWare, the other
>with NetBSD as the native OS.  Both have the same behavior.