Subject: RC_5 fail to compile -current
To: None <>
From: Francisco Valladolid Hdez. <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/2005 16:10:40
Hi, Folks.

while compiling -current under NetBSD RC_5 there are a problems detected.

Before i'm running 2.99.15, then I'm download RC5 from the website and do
a update.

but the next error messages:

nbinstall: MAKEDEV: stat: No such file or directory

*** Failed target:  install-etc-files
*** Failed command: cd /usr/src/../obj/etc &&
/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbinstall -U -M /usr/src/../obj/destdir.i386/METALOG
-D /usr/src/../obj/destdir.i386 -h sha1 -N /usr/src/etc -c -p -r -T
etc_pkg -o root -g wheel -m 555 MAKEDEV /usr/src/../obj/destdir.i386/dev
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/etc

*** Failed target:  distribution
*** Failed command: _makedirtarget() { dir="$1"; shift; target="$1";
shift; case "${dir}" in /*) this="${dir}/"; real="${dir}" ;; .)
this="etc/"; real="/usr/src/etc" ;; *) this="etc/${dir}/";
real="/usr/src/etc/${dir}" ;; esac; show=${this:-.}; echo "${target} ===>
${show%/}${1:+ (with: $@)}"; cd "${real}" && /usr/src/../tools/bin/nbmake
_THISDIR_="${this}" "$@" ${target}; }; _makedirtarget . install-etc-files
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/etc

I do a fresh checkout  from my source tree and update this, with the
-current code.

Suggestions are welcome.

--- ;