Subject: Re: dhclient not working
To: Steven M. Bellovin <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/2005 20:30:28
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On 2005.12.14 23:48:29 -0500, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
| In message <>, "Steven M=
=2E Bell
| ovin" writes:
| >In message <>, Simon=
| >=20
| >writes:
| >>"Steven M. Bellovin" wrote:
| >>
| >>> After installing a new kernel and userland today, dhclient isn't=20
| >>> working for me.  As best I can tell, it's having trouble finding the=
| >>> devices.  If I have device names in my dhclient.conf file, it says "n=
| >>> found"; if I leave them all out, it doesn't seem to send queries=20
| >>> anywhere.  I haven't done a new MAKEDEV, but it doesn't appear to hav=
| >>> been touched for a while.
| >>
| >>There has been some recent changes in the bpf internals, and at one
| >>stage someone else reported (on this list I think) that you couldn't
| >>load BPF programs.  This was fixed within the last day, on the kernel
| >>side.  Hopefully with a cvs update and new kernel you should be OK.
| >>
| >
| >I'll try it again, but I thought I had the most up-to-date code. =20
| >
| I verified it -- I'm completely up to date on my kernel, and it still=20
| doesn't work.

What does it print ?
What are the contents of your dhclient.conf ?
How do you run dhclient ?

		-- Rui Paulo

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