Subject: Re: possible kernel bug: stat mclpl after heavy net load
To: Bruce O'Neel <>
From: Stephan Pietzko <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/2005 14:24:36
Bruce O'Neel <> wrote
> I see a very similiar thing, but with nfsd rather than httpd, and on an
> x86 system running current from this past weekend.  And it's after
> very heavy nfs load.

Than it would be a general kernel-bug in the network memory pool?!

How can i debug the problem or get more information about it?

For now i wait for the next crash. The machine served 280G till now,
serves 8-10MB/s and has 107 http-sessions oben.
Every 10min i make a vmstat -m and grep mbpl and mclpl and a netstat
into a file.
What else can be helpfull for debugging?

tnx Stephan