Subject: Re: ridiculous uid
To: <>
From: Christopher Schultz <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/02/2005 09:31:03
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>> Looks like an endian problem.  3154575360 is 0xBC070000; 0x07BC is
>> 1980.  Similarly, 16777216 is 0x1000000, while daemon should be uid
>> 1.
> Hmm, indeed. It's probably useful to notice that I booted and mounted 
> everything from an other-endian system (sparc). More, if I mount a 
> directory with extracted base and etc (RC5 sets) from my (x86) laptop 
> and chroot to that, uids are not swapped.

It occurs to me that GNU/Linux's mount command has an option that allows
you to byte-swap a volume... to solve these exact types of issues. Does
anyone know if that option exists in NetBSD? My qube has been off for

I'm suprised that you were even able to boot and run programs. ;)


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