Subject: Re: ridiculous uid
To: None <>
From: dieter Roelants <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/2005 21:47:54
On 11/30/05 17:31:11, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
> >$ id daemon
> >uid=3D16777216(daemon) gid=3D16777216 groups=3D16777216,1(daemon)
> >
> Looks like an endian problem.  3154575360 is 0xBC070000; 0x07BC is
> 1980.  Similarly, 16777216 is 0x1000000, while daemon should be uid
> 1.

Hmm, indeed. It's probably useful to notice that I booted and mounted =20
everything from an other-endian system (sparc). More, if I mount a =20
directory with extracted base and etc (RC5 sets) from my (x86) laptop =20
and chroot to that, uids are not swapped.

Can somebody confirm this is cobalt or mipsel specific? Chrooting to an =20
nfs mounted dir from the sparc on my laptop doesn't show the same =20
problem (although my laptop runs -current, I have no clue if that =20

Kind reagrds

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