Subject: Re: SSH X11 forwarding crashes clients.
To: None <>
From: Lars-Johan Liman <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/2005 22:29:54
> Would it too much asking that somone with the right clue and CVS bits
> inject some code, so that ssh produces an error message that is
> slightly more informative than the

>   X protocol error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) on protocol
>   request 38

> one gets from the X11 application on the remote side? *PLEASE*!?

> How about: "Untrusted X11 client terminated. See ssh -Y flag." in the
> ssh client end? Yes I understand that there are problems with the fact
> that the X application doesn't have a direct relationship with SSH,
> but still - ssh terminates the X11 session, so it should be able to
> say _something_ useful on the local ssh stderr. I am neither the
> first, nor will I be the last user to drive into this deceptive fog
> bank.

And, yeah, one more thing:

Please also make sure that the sample /etc/ssh/ssh_config mentions
this new ForwardX11Trusted directive in a sample clause.

I think I'll PR this.