Subject: Re: NFS over IPv6
To: Mihai CHELARU <>
From: Bruce O'Neel <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/23/2005 14:37:42

In general the home network only uses ipv6 nfs and the current config is
the following:

Server - i386 2.0.2
Client - mac68k laptop softfloat current (Sep ??)
Client - Sparc current (Sep ??)
Client - i386 laptop 2.0
Client - Sparc 64 Freebsd 

and everything is happy.  The server has quite a load on it.

This weekend, pending diasters and pending builds finishing, I'll try
uprading the i386 2.0 system to current and the i386 2.0.2 server system 
to 2.1RC4 and see what happens.

I'll also upgrade the Sparc system to current as of Sep 17 or so,
assuming that it actually finishes building.

Ah, one note here.  I use only link local addresses.  Basically I just
found it easier to use this for the home network since many of the nodes
migrate to other networks when I carry them around.


On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 11:04:50AM +0300, Mihai CHELARU wrote:
> Hello,
> While in netbsd-2 I was able to use showmount -e for IPv6 NFS servers, but not 
> to actually mount shares (rpc errors), in netbsd-3 (and -current) even 
> showmount is no longer working. Anyone is using NFS over IPv6 ? If so, do you 
> have any hints ?
> Here is exactly what happens:
> On netbsd-2:
> # showmount -e 2001:618:423:beef::5
> Exports list on 2001:618:423:beef::5:
> /usr/release/binary/sets           Everyone
> /usr/public              
> /disk3/public             2001:623:418::
> /disk3                   
> /disk2/public            
> # mount_nfs 2001:618:423:beef::5:/disk3/public /nfs
> mount_nfs: rpcbind to nfs on server: RPC: Program not registered
> ^C
> On -current and netbsd-3:
> # showmount -e 2001:618:423:beef::5
> showmount: Can't do Exports rpc: RPC: Unknown host
> -- 
> Thank you,
> Mihai

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