Subject: cross-building fails for sgimips
To: None <>
From: Thierry Lacoste <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/11/2005 23:10:40
I'm trying to build the sgimips release on my i386 running 3.99.3.
I cvs updated my source tree today.

#./ -m sgimips -T ../sgi/tools/ -O ../sgi/obj/ -U -u release
#   install  /usr/src/../sgi/obj/destdir.sgimips/dev/MAKEDEV
cd /usr/src/../sgi/obj/etc && 
STRIP=/usr/src/../sgi/tools/bin/mipseb--netbsd-strip /usr/src/../sgi/tools/bin/nbinstall 
-U -M /usr/src/../sgi/obj/destdir.sgimips/METALOG 
-D /usr/src/../sgi/obj/destdir.sgimips -h sha1 -N /usr/src/etc -c -p -r -T 
etc_pkg -o root -g wheel -m 555  
MAKEDEV /usr/src/../sgi/obj/destdir.sgimips/dev
nbinstall: MAKEDEV: stat: No such file or directory

*** Failed target:  install-etc-files