Subject: Re: Random hangs with 2.0G
To: #List NetBSD current users <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/22/2004 15:42:37
OK, I just had another one.  System had been pretty much idle for an
hour or so (while I was commuting home) and it just hung.  I could type
stuff in the console window (Ctrl/Alt/F1) but nothing happened.  I was
able to Ctrl/Alt/Esc into gdb, and got the following traceback (manually
transcribed, so there could be errors)

	cpu_debugger +4
	internal_command +13c
	wskbd_translate +6c
	wskbd_input +137
	pckbd_input +53
	pckbportintr +3a
	pckbcintr +94
	Xintr_legacy1 +a9
	-- interrupt --
	memset(f805000, 1, 0, c6be6de8, 1) +2a
	uvm_pagealloc_strat +1c5
	uvm_fault +87b
	trap +2ff
	-- trap (number 6) --
	(Some hex number starting with 4)

After a reboot, things hung up again right after finishing execution of
start-up.  I Ctrl/Alt/F1'd to the console window and was able to log in,
but never got a prompt from the shell (plain old csh).  So I did another
Ctrl/Alt/Esc'd get another backtrace;  it was identical to the above, up
to the --interrupt-- line;  after that the only entry was the "hex
number starting with 4" line!

Is this in any way related to the recent thread I saw that suggested to
remove the agp device from the kernel?

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