Subject: RE: NetBSD-2.0 on a Sparcstation 1+
To: 'Chris Laverdure' <>
From: Gary Parker <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/15/2004 13:47:31

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> Subject: NetBSD-2.0 on a Sparcstation 1+
> I tried a snapshot a while ago and the bootloader bombed with an
> ambigious error number. After some research it seems to 
> appear as though
> my system doesn't have enough memory to load the kernel? I find this
> hard to believe; it has 12MB of RAM. I would very much like to try
> NetBSD 2.0 on my sparc. Does anyone have any hints? Is this 
> supposed to
> work? and if so is there anything I can do/anything you want 
> me to do to
> get more information?

The older sparcs can only load the kernel into the two lowest numbered
memory slots on the board so make sure your two largest chips occupy those
slots to make sure you have enough memory available.