Subject: Re: Graphical Sysinst in 2.0
To: The Grey Wolf <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/07/2004 17:25:04
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On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 03:59:37PM -0700, The Grey Wolf wrote:
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> Thus spake Herb Peyerl ("HP> ") sometime Today...
> HP> My biggest peeve (and this may be outdated since I haven't looked at
> HP> sysinst for a couple of years) is that there's no way to interactively
> HP> and visually size your disk partitions without pulling out your
> HP> calculator or adding numbers in your head... Maybe I'm the only doofus
> HP> who needs to have pictures (ascii is fine) but that's about the only
> HP> thing I'd want out of a new 'sysinst'.
> HP>
> HP> If this already exists, then I'm sorry for bringing it up.
> I don't think it exists, and I think this would be a nice thing to have
> handy.

I agree.

> The other calculation I would like to see present in the calculation
> of disk sizes is that if you want a 128MB filesystem, it figures in
> metadata overhead such that you get a 128MB filesystem.

Depends on how good you want it to be. If you're happy with 128 MB after=20
the 5% reserved for root bit, then that should be easy. An integrated=20
install tool (does both the partitioning and formatting) could ask you the=
overhead percentage, use it to make the partition, then format the file=20
system accordingly.

If you want a file system on which you can store 128 MB of file data,=20
that's a bit harder as you have to know how the file system's allocation=20
table overhead works out. :-)

> With regard back to the graphical installer, I think it would be
> wholly possible to have the option to have a graphical installer
> WITHOUT requiring that X *ever* get installed onto the hard drive.


Take care,


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