Subject: Re: Graphical Sysinst in 2.0
To: Chapman Flack <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/2004 14:01:57
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On Tue, Aug 24, 2004 at 10:38:21AM -0500, Chapman Flack wrote:
> In my first 1.6.2/i386 install where sysinst picked an inadequate default
> size for wd0e and /usr filled during the tarball extraction, I only notic=
> because I happened to glance at the screen and see what looked like a bun=
> of 'disk full' messages zip by, messing up the sysinst form,
> just before sysinst refreshed its form and reported the extraction was
> *successful* (!).
> It would have been worse with an X gui install because unless sysinst made
> sure to create an xterm just in case, there would be no place for unexpec=
> messages to show up.

Seems to me that the main problem is that the errors/messages were=20
unexpected. :-) sysinst should have noticed/been told that the install=20
didn't work, and acted accordingly. A GUI can do the same.

Put another way, the point you raise will be true for _any_ tool that gets=
between the user and the end tools. :-)

> Of course it's not necessary to keep a box of paper under the old DECwrit=
> a log file can be used, but it's still important to make sure everything =
> happens, expected or not, winds up in the file, which is trivial to do if=
> install process is basically scrolling text, not quite as trivial if it's
> curses, but requires very careful and pervasive design in a gui system, f=
> the basic reason that you're interacting with the user in a way that does=
> have a natural log-file representation.

I think it would depend on the particular install. To the extent the=20
install is a sequence of steps (partition disk, format partitions, install=
sets, install boot loader, configure boot loader, configure other stuff),=
then a sufficient log would be to dump the choices for each step. I agree=
that a log like, "User clicked checkbox 512" would be useless. ;-)

Take care,


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