Subject: Re: machine hangs when mounting cd
To: Harry Waddell <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/2004 21:41:42
On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 12:03:52PM -0700, Harry Waddell wrote:
> Is your problem mounting "a" cd, or is it mounting "any" cd? 

I don't know about "any" cd, but at least it happened with all the ones
I tried.  :-)  And these discs can be mounted without problems on my
other (non-NetBSD) machines.  

> Is this a recent problem following a netbsd upgrade? 

It's a fresh install of a 2.0-snapshot, so I can't compare.  But it
happens both with the GENERIC_LAPTOP kernel and with the custom kernel I
just built.  

> If you let the machine sit for a few minutes, does the machine become
> responsive again?

No, it doesn't.  The console is frozen, and after a few seconds, it
stops replying to pings.  Hard reboot required.  

> Without knowing more, it could be lots of things, hardware, software,
> bad media, etc...

I know.  But it's not the hardware, as it had previously booted and
installed from a FreeBSD-cd correctly.  

Btw, I just noticed it even happens when NO cd is in the drive, and I
try to mount it!