Subject: Introduction
To: None <>
From: Richard Snow <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/27/2003 15:08:00
Hello I just recently joined the list.  I recently upgraded my kernel to 
current but wasn't able
to complete installing the rest of current because of an error I already 
wrote about.

I am a disabled veteran and have been playing around with open source 
software for several years now (when did Redhat 5.2 come out?) 

So anyway I have a fair amount of time to devote to this stuff.  My 
coding skills are not stellar.  I can schlep applications in C that do 
what I want but I am not real strong on designing nice user interfaces.  
I just recently started playing with GUI tools like tcl/tk and the tk 
interface in Python.  I have only written 1 real program with a gui that 
works right, burnmp3.tcl which is a little utility that lets me download 
playlists from and pick songs to burn to CDR.  I have not ported 
this to NetBSD yet, though I believe all of the programs that it uses as 
dependencies are there.

I switched to NetBSD from trying several different versions of linux on 
my new hardware (a $200 PC from Walmart), and none of them were 
completely satisfactory to me.  Now that I have installed the current 
kernel all of my hardware works.  With the 1.6.1 installed kernel, my 
sound didn't work.

I am using NetBSD mostly because I have a VAX and it is easier to set up 
the NetBSD boot for the VAX system under NetBSD than under the different 
versions of Linux I tried.

Also I should be able to compile current netbsd for the VAX once the 
build problems are straightened out.

Compiling directly on the VAX takes an inordinate amount of time.
Richard Snow